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To send a link to the Junior Wells page to a friend via email, fill in this form and click on the Send button. A short email including the link will be sent to the recipient, along with your name and email address, to show who it's coming from. Scroll below the Send button to see a sample of what the email will look like.
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Keep in mind that if there is a problem with the recipient's email address, or there are other delivery problems at the receiving end, you will not receive notification that the message failed to be delivered. Unfortunately, many spam filters will block email sent this way, even though the notice is not spam. The surest way to send an email to a friend is always to use your email program and copy and paste the link from the address bar.

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Sample mailing:

Hey Jamie,

Steve ( ) has sent you a link to the
Junior Wells page on the Dead or Alive? website:

Here's a short personal message from Steve:

      "Check this out. It's kind of interesting."

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