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By Cause of Death
Keep in mind that death is often times a result of multiple causes. Or for instance, someone might have cancer but the direct cause of death will be pneumonia. So some of these entries might be open to interpretation.


NameDate of DeathField
40Hide details for DiabetesDiabetes
Walt Kelly  10/18/1973  Cartooning/Comics
Mary Ford  09/30/1977  Music
Totie Fields  08/02/1978  Entertainment
Josip Broz Tito  05/04/1980  Politics
John Howard Griffin  09/09/1980  Literature
James Cagney  03/30/1986  Entertainment
Alvin Childress  04/19/1986  Entertainment
Kate Smith  06/17/1986  Music
Jersey Joe Walcott  02/25/1994  Sports
Ella Fitzgerald  06/15/1996  Music
Dana Hill  07/15/1996  Entertainment
Esther Rolle  11/17/1998  Entertainment
John Ehrlichman  02/14/1999  Politics
Rory Calhoun  04/28/1999  Entertainment
Mabel King  11/09/1999  Entertainment
Curtis Mayfield  12/26/1999  Music
Nat Adderley  01/02/2000  Music
Carl Rowan  09/23/2000  Journalism
Gus Hall  10/13/2000  Politics
Nancy Parsons  01/05/2001  Entertainment
John McKay  06/10/2001  Sports
Christopher Hewett  08/03/2001  Entertainment
Gloria Foster  09/29/2001  Entertainment
Waylon Jennings  02/13/2002  Music
LaWanda Page  09/14/2002  Entertainment
Nell Carter  01/23/2003  Entertainment,Theater
Babatunde Olatunji  04/06/2003  Music
Earl King  04/17/2003  Music
Johnny Cash  09/12/2003  Music
George Mikan  06/01/2005  Sports
Hank Stram  07/04/2005  Sports
Ed Masry  12/05/2005  Law
Michael Vale  12/24/2005  Entertainment
David Broder  03/09/2011  Journalism
B.B. King  05/14/2015  Music
Dick Van Patten  06/23/2015  Entertainment
Stephen Furst  06/16/2017  Entertainment
Winnie Mandela  04/02/2018  Politics
Peter Donat  09/10/2018  Entertainment
Penny Marshall  12/17/2018  Entertainment
15Show details for DrowningDrowning
2Show details for Drug abuseDrug abuse
2Show details for Drug interactionDrug interaction
70Show details for Drug overdoseDrug overdose
2Show details for ElectrocutionElectrocution
49Show details for EmphysemaEmphysema
2Show details for EpilepsyEpilepsy
7Show details for EuthanasiaEuthanasia
24Show details for ExecutionExecution

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