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By Cause of Death
Keep in mind that death is often times a result of multiple causes. Or for instance, someone might have cancer but the direct cause of death will be pneumonia. So some of these entries might be open to interpretation.


NameDate of DeathField
Abigail Van Buren  01/17/2013  Other
Michael Ansara  07/31/2013  Entertainment
Larry Speakes  01/10/2014  Politics
Jimmy Ellis  05/07/2014  Sports
Ben Bradlee  10/21/2014  Journalism
Pat Harrington  01/06/2016  Entertainment
Pat Summitt  06/28/2016  Sports
Gene Wilder  08/28/2016  Entertainment
Bobby Vee  10/24/2016  Music
Kay Starr  11/03/2016  Music
Glen Campbell  08/08/2017  Music,Entertainment
Shelley Berman  09/01/2017  Entertainment
1Show details for AnemiaAnemia
11Show details for AneurysmAneurysm
1Show details for AnorexiaAnorexia
2Show details for Aortic aneurysmAortic aneurysm
5Show details for ArteriosclerosisArteriosclerosis
1Show details for AsphyxiationAsphyxiation
58Show details for AssassinationAssassination
4Show details for AsthmaAsthma
2Show details for AtherosclerosisAtherosclerosis
1Show details for Autoimmune inflammatory vasculitisAutoimmune inflammatory vasculitis
3Show details for AvalancheAvalanche
1Show details for Balloon crashBalloon crash
9Show details for Blood clotBlood clot
2Show details for Blood infectionBlood infection
1Show details for Blood poisoningBlood poisoning
1Show details for Blunt force traumaBlunt force trauma
3Show details for Boating accidentBoating accident
2Show details for Bone marrow diseaseBone marrow disease
1Show details for Brain aneurysmBrain aneurysm
1Show details for Brain tumorBrain tumor
1Show details for Broken hipBroken hip
1062Show details for CancerCancer
70Show details for Car accidentCar accident
3Show details for Carbon monoxide poisoningCarbon monoxide poisoning
36Show details for Cardiac arrestCardiac arrest
2Show details for Cerebral edemaCerebral edema
14Show details for Cerebral hemorrhageCerebral hemorrhage
5Show details for ChokingChoking
1Show details for ChondrodysplasiaChondrodysplasia
1Show details for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
1Show details for Circulatory ailmentCirculatory ailment
4Show details for Cirrhosis of the liverCirrhosis of the liver
2Show details for ColitisColitis
1Show details for Congenital bowel conditionCongenital bowel condition
1Show details for Construction accidentConstruction accident
3Show details for COPDCOPD
1Show details for Creutzfeldt-Jakob diseaseCreutzfeldt-Jakob disease
1Show details for Crohn's diseaseCrohn's disease

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