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Visitor Stories
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *
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Story 253
George Foreman - Last August 5th I was returning from a trip overseas. There was a layover in Newark, which is a major re-entry point to the U.S. for customs and immigration. As I was waiting for my flight home to Houston a large, well-dressed man passed by me. Being a fan for years, and a fellow native Houstonian, I immediately recognized George Foreman. He had been at the Meadowlands passing out awards for an amateur athletic event held that week. When he turned I asked him if "I could tell my friends I saw someone famous at the Newark airport." He was very soft-spoken, seeming almost shy, and said, "Aw, I'm not that famous." I told him how I had followed his boxing career and admired all the great charitable work he had done especially in our hometown. I was not going to bother him for an autograph or a picture and was about to take my leave so as not to draw too much attention to Mr. Foreman but a lady came up with her camera and asked if he would mind posing for a picture. Mr. Foreman very graciously agreed. I immediately volunteered to take the picture for the lady if she would reciprocate. She did. Now I show the picture of George and me to all my friends. I have got to say that he seems to be a very warm, polite and modest man. He is truly a great person and a "class act."
JMS - Posted: November 27, 2006

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