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Dead or Alive?
This site tracks whether famous people are still alive or whether they have passed away. For a full explanation of who's included, how to find a name, and more info about the site, click on the Instructions button above.

Same Birthday

Here's a bit of trivia that might not surprise you. Erin Murphy, who played young Tabitha on the series "Bewitched" shares a birthday with her twin sister Diane Murphy, who also played young Tabitha on "Bewitched". They were born June 17, 1964, making them both 55 years old (as of two days ago - Happy Birthday!) It would be a bit unusual if they hadn't both come into the world on the exact same day. But they aren't the only famous people to do that. Other, unrelated, famous people share the exact same birthday - month, day and year.

On the left are the names of three famous people, along with the date that they were born. For each of those names you'll see the names of three more famous people on the right. Your job in each set is to pick the person on the right who was born on the very same day as the person listed on the left. Some of the matches might surprise you.

Date and NameMatch with one of these
a. Dolly Parton
1. Oct. 4, 1941 - Anne Rice b. Burt Reynolds
c. Jackie Collins
Date and NameMatch with one of these
a. Rhea Perlman
2. Mar. 31, 1948 - Al Gore b. Mr. T
c. Rod Stewart
Date and NameMatch with one of these
a. Neil Diamond
3. Sep. 15, 1946 - Oliver Stone b. Tommy Lee Jones
c. Sigourney Weaver

Click on the names to find out more information about them. It will take you to their page on the site, but it will hide the date information. Use the back button to return to the game.

This one's low-tech, so note your answers (write them down if you need to) and check how well you did by clicking here.

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People Who've Died in the Last Six Months
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Date of DeathAgeNameField
09/17/201975Cokie Roberts  Journalism
09/15/201975Ric Ocasek  Music
09/13/201970Eddie Money  Music
09/11/201983Anne Rivers Siddons  Literature
09/11/201991T. Boone Pickens  Business
09/11/201983B.J. Habibie  Politics
09/06/201995Robert Mugabe  Politics
08/30/201980Valerie Harper  Entertainment
08/29/201999Jim Leavelle  Law Enforcement
08/25/201987Al Haynes  Other
08/18/201995Jack Whitaker  Sports
08/16/201979Peter Fonda  Entertainment
08/05/201988Toni Morrison  Literature
08/03/201971Cliff Branch  Sports
07/31/201991Harold Prince  Theater
07/30/201978Nick Buoniconti  Sports
07/22/201990Li Peng  Politics
07/18/201982Ben Kinchlow  Religion
07/16/201999John Paul Stevens  Law
07/10/201980Jim Bouton  Sports
07/09/201988Rip Torn  Entertainment
07/09/201981Fernando de la Rúa  Politics
07/09/201989Ross Perot  Business,Politics
07/06/201988João Gilberto  Music
07/03/201990Arte Johnson  Entertainment
07/02/201994Lee Iacocca  Business
06/26/201975Max Wright  Entertainment
06/22/201991Judith Krantz  Literature
06/17/201995Gloria Vanderbilt  Fashion
06/15/201996Franco Zeffirelli  Entertainment
06/06/201977Dr. John  Music
05/30/201969Leon Redbone  Music
05/27/201969Bill Buckner  Sports
05/26/201985Bart Starr  Sports
05/25/201992Claus von Bülow  Crime
05/24/201989Murray Gell-Mann  Science
05/20/201970Niki Lauda  Sports
05/17/2019103Herman Wouk  Literature
05/16/2019102I. M. Pei  Architecture
05/16/201989Bob Hawke  Politics
05/14/20197Grumpy Cat  Miscellaneous
05/14/201985Tim Conway  Entertainment
05/13/201997Doris Day  Entertainment
05/11/201972Peggy Lipton  Entertainment
05/08/201989Jim Fowler  Science,Entertain...
04/30/201974Peter Mayhew  Entertainment
04/29/201951John Singleton  Entertainment
04/28/201987Richard Lugar  Politics
04/25/201979John Havlicek  Sports
04/23/201996Henry Bloch  Business