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These People Died on this Date
Date of DeathAgeNameField
11/30/195960Arthur Q. Bryan  Entertainment
11/30/197978Zeppo Marx  Entertainment
11/30/199078Norman Cousins  Journalism
11/30/199486Lionel Stander  Entertainment
11/30/199664Tiny Tim  Music
11/30/199888Johnny Roventini  Entertainment
11/30/199974Charlie Byrd  Music
11/30/200159Robert Tools  Other
11/30/200398Gertrude Ederle  Sports
11/30/200590Jean Parker  Entertainment
11/30/200769Evel Knievel  Sports
11/30/201340Paul Walker  Entertainment
11/30/201787Jim Nabors  Entertainment,Music
11/30/201894George Bush  Politics
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