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These People Died on this Date
Date of DeathAgeNameField
11/21/195849Mel Ott  Sports
11/21/196373Robert Stroud  Crime
11/21/198175Harry Von Zell  Entertainment
11/21/198682Jerry Colonna  Entertainment
11/21/198639Dar Robinson  Entertainment
11/21/198885Carl Hubbell  Sports
11/21/199359Bill Bixby  Entertainment
11/21/199670Abdus Salam  Science
11/21/199990Quentin Crisp  Literature
11/21/200078Emil Z├ítopek  Sports
11/21/200284Buddy Kaye  Music
11/21/200578Hugh Sidey  Journalism
11/21/201185Anne McCaffrey  Literature
11/21/201259Deborah Raffin  Entertainment
11/21/201587Kim Young Sam  Politics
11/21/201767David Cassidy  Entertainment,Music
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