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These People Died on this Date
Date of DeathAgeNameField
8/19/196783Hugo Gernsback  Publishing,Inventing
8/19/197538Mark Donohue  Sports
8/19/197675Alastair Sim  Entertainment
8/19/197786Groucho Marx  Entertainment
8/19/198091Otto Frank  Other
8/19/198776Hayden Rorke  Entertainment
8/19/199493Linus Pauling  Science,Social Ac...
8/19/199932Kim Perrot  Sports
8/19/200091Harry Oppenheimer  Business
8/19/200161Betty Everett  Music
8/19/200167Donald Woods  Journalism,Social...
8/19/200355Sérgio Vieira de Mello  Politics
8/19/200986Don Hewitt  Journalism
8/19/201086Ted Stevens  Politics
8/19/201268Tony Scott  Entertainment
8/19/201680Jack Riley  Entertainment
8/19/201784Dick Gregory  Entertainment,Soc...
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