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These People Died on this Date
Date of DeathAgeNameField
4/19/196791Konrad Adenauer  Politics
4/19/197160Russ Hodges  Sports
4/19/198678Alvin Childress  Entertainment
4/19/198777Hugh Brannum  Entertainment
4/19/198785Maxwell D. Taylor  Military
4/19/198981Daphne Du Maurier  Literature
4/19/198964Robert Webber  Entertainment
4/19/199333David Koresh  Religion
4/19/19951Baylee Almon  Other
4/19/199884Octavio Paz  Literature
4/19/200478Norris McWhirter  Publishing
4/19/200593Ruth Hussey  Entertainment,The...
4/19/200978J.G. Ballard  Literature
4/19/201271Levon Helm  Music
4/19/201395Allan Arbus  Entertainment
4/19/201389Allen Neuharth  Journalism
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