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Today's Birthdays
Date of BirthAgeNameField
06/12/1890DeadJunius Matthews  Entertainment
06/12/1897DeadAnthony Eden  Politics
06/12/1908DeadOtto Skorzeny  Military
06/12/1915DeadDavid Rockefeller  Business
06/12/1915DeadPriscilla Lane  Entertainment
06/12/1916DeadIrwin Allen  Entertainment
06/12/1918DeadSamuel Z. Arkoff  Entertainment
06/12/1919DeadAhmed Abdallah  Politics
06/12/1919DeadUta Hagen  Theater
06/12/1920DeadDave Berg  Cartooning/Comics
06/12/1924DeadGeorge Bush  Politics
06/12/1928DeadBernie Hamilton  Entertainment
06/12/1928DeadVic Damone  Music
06/12/193091AliveBarbara Harris  Religion
06/12/1930DeadJim Nabors  Entertainment,...
06/12/1932DeadRona Jaffe  Literature
06/12/194180AliveMarv Albert  Sports
06/12/194180AliveChick Corea  Music
06/12/1943DeadBarry White  Music
06/12/194477AliveTommie Smith  Sports,Social ...
06/12/1951DeadBrad Delp  Music
06/12/195764AliveTimothy Busfield  Entertainment
06/12/1968DeadBobby Sheehan  Music
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