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Today's Birthdays
Date of BirthAgeNameField
05/24/1898DeadKathleen Hale  Literature
05/24/1905DeadMikhail Sholokhov  Literature
05/24/1908DeadSam Giancana  Crime
05/24/1909DeadWilbur Mills  Politics
05/24/1914DeadLilli Palmer  Entertainment
05/24/1917DeadAnthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano  Crime
05/24/1918DeadColeman Young  Politics
05/24/1928DeadRoger Caras  Journalism
05/24/193188AliveMichel Lonsdale  Entertainment
05/24/1934DeadJane Byrne  Politics
05/24/193881AliveTommy Chong  Entertainment
05/24/1940DeadJoseph Brodsky  Literature
05/24/194178AliveBob Dylan  Music
05/24/194376AliveGary Burghoff  Entertainment
05/24/194475AlivePatti LaBelle  Music
05/24/194574AlivePriscilla Presley  Entertainment
05/24/194970AliveJim Broadbent  Entertainment,...
05/24/195366AliveAlfred Molina  Entertainment
05/24/195564AliveRosanne Cash  Music
05/24/1959DeadPelle Lindbergh  Sports
05/24/1962DeadGene Anthony Ray  Entertainment
05/24/1962DeadH├ęctor "Macho" Camacho  Sports
05/24/1963DeadShauna Grant  Entertainment
05/24/1967DeadHeavy D  Music
05/24/1973DeadElisa Bridges  Entertainment
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