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Today's Birthdays
Date of BirthAgeNameField
04/08/1892DeadMary Pickford  Entertainment
04/08/1910DeadGeorge Musso  Sports
04/08/1910DeadTuesday Lobsang Rampa  Literature,Rel...
04/08/1911DeadMelvin Calvin  Science
04/08/1912UnknownAlois Brunner  Crime,Politics
04/08/1912DeadSonja Henie  Sports,Enterta...
04/08/1914DeadMaría Félix  Entertainment
04/08/1918DeadBetty Ford  Politics
04/08/1919DeadVirginia O'Brien  Entertainment,...
04/08/1919DeadIan Smith  Politics
04/08/1920DeadCarmen McRae  Music
04/08/1921DeadFranco Corelli  Theater,Music
04/08/1923DeadEdward Mulhare  Entertainment
04/08/192694AliveShecky Greene  Entertainment
04/08/1928DeadFred Ebb  Music
04/08/1928DeadJohn Gavin  Entertainment
04/08/1928DeadLeah Rabin  Politics
04/08/1929DeadJacques Brel  Entertainment,...
04/08/1938DeadKofi Annan  Politics
04/08/1940DeadJohn Havlicek  Sports
04/08/1941DeadJ.J. Jackson  Entertainment,...
04/08/194179AliveDarlene Gillespie  Entertainment
04/08/194179AliveVivienne Westwood  Fashion
04/08/194179AlivePeggy Lennon  Music
04/08/1943DeadMichael Bennett  Theater
04/08/1946DeadJim "Catfish" Hunter  Sports
04/08/1947DeadLarry Norman  Music
04/08/194773AliveTom DeLay  Politics
04/08/194773AliveSteve Howe  Music
04/08/1954DeadGary Carter  Sports
04/08/1955DeadRicky Bell  Sports
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