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People Who've Died in the Last Six Months
Date of DeathAgeNameField
01/10/202079Sultan Qaboos  Politics
01/08/202089Buck Henry  Entertainment
01/08/202086Edd Byrnes  Entertainment
01/01/202077David Stern  Sports
01/01/202090Don Larsen  Sports
12/27/201979Don Imus  Entertainment
12/26/201973Sue Lyon  Entertainment
12/26/201988Jerry Herman  Theater
12/20/201988Junior Johnson  Sports
12/18/201978Claudine Auger  Entertainment
12/12/201986Danny Aiello  Entertainment
12/08/201992Paul Volcker  Economics
12/08/201979RenĂ© Auberjonois  Entertainment
12/06/201982Ron Leibman  Entertainment,Thea...
11/29/2019101Yasuhiro Nakasone  Politics
11/24/201980Clive James  Entertainment,Lite...
11/21/201989Gahan Wilson  Cartooning/Comics
10/27/201990John Conyers  Politics
10/27/201989Robert Evans  Entertainment
10/17/201997Bill Macy  Entertainment
10/11/201985Aleksei Leonov  Exploration
10/06/201985Rip Taylor  Entertainment
10/06/201973Karen Pendleton  Entertainment
10/06/201980Ginger Baker  Music
10/04/201984Diahann Carroll  Entertainment
09/30/201974Jessye Norman  Music
09/26/201986Jacques Chirac  Politics
09/17/201975Cokie Roberts  Journalism
09/15/201975Ric Ocasek  Music
09/13/201970Eddie Money  Music
09/11/201983Anne Rivers Siddons  Literature
09/11/201991T. Boone Pickens  Business
09/11/201983B.J. Habibie  Politics
09/06/201995Robert Mugabe  Politics
08/30/201980Valerie Harper  Entertainment
08/29/201999Jim Leavelle  Law Enforcement
08/25/201987Al Haynes  Other
08/18/201995Jack Whitaker  Sports
08/16/201979Peter Fonda  Entertainment
08/05/201988Toni Morrison  Literature
08/03/201971Cliff Branch  Sports
07/31/201991Harold Prince  Theater
07/30/201978Nick Buoniconti  Sports
07/22/201990Li Peng  Politics