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To Visitors

The Dead or Alive? site is an advertising-supported site. The income generated by the ads shown on the site pays for equipment, software, bandwidth costs and, to some extent, the labor that goes into maintaining the site and keeping the information it contains current. Having said that, the webmaster also recognizes the downside of advertising and its potential effect on the enjoyment of those visiting the site.

For that reason, it's been a policy of the site since its inception to run no pop-up or pop-under advertising, despite the higher compensation paid for those types of ads. In addition, the ads that appear directly on the pages of the site (banner ads) are monitored for quality as well. The goal is to show the highest quality ads possible given the practical and economic factors involved. Ads that are overly flashy, vulgar, intrusive, deceitful or in some way seriously detract from the visitor experience are eliminated from the ad rotation where possible.

The site contracts with a number of advertising services, which serve as agents and middlemen, in obtaining the advertising that is seen on the site. The agencies all come with online administration panels for reviewing the ads currently offered from online advertisers. They also offer the opportunity to discontinue specific ads, if those ads don't meet the quality standards of the site. If you have feedback or a concern about a specific ad showing on the site, please indicate it by filling out the form linked below

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To Advertisers

The Dead or Alive? site uses Tribal Fusion and other advertising service agencies for ad placements. If you are interested in a direct relationship with the site for advertising purposes please contact us through the Comment form. Thank you.