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Dead or Alive?
New Name Suggestion

Use this form to suggest a name to add to the site. Your suggestion will go into a pending file for consideration at a future date along with the large volume of names previously submitted. Remember, it's only a suggestion, so no expressed or implied guarantee is given that any particular name will be added. Even if a name is added, it can take months. The site retains final decision on all matters regarding the inclusion of a name so submit at your own risk, which, in this case, basically means the potential waste of a few minutes of your time. All submissions become the property of the website and are subject to fact checking and editing for form and content.

Currently there are 1000+ names in the pending file.

In order to save yourself the time and trouble of suggesting a name that doesn't fit the site criteria or is already included in the database, you should review the site criteria and do a quick search to confirm your suggestion isn't already there.

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Date of Birth:  m/d/yyyy format  (i.e. 5/17/1942)
Date of Death:  m/d/yyyy format  (i.e. 10/29/1998)
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You are welcome to include a name and email address, but it's not required.
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