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Tomorrow's Birthdays
* These are the ages these people will be tomorrow *
Date of BirthAgeNameField
08/12/1881DeadCecil B. DeMille  Entertainment
08/12/1883DeadMarion Lorne  Entertainment
08/12/1887DeadErwin Schrödinger  Science
08/12/1907DeadJoe Besser  Entertainment
08/12/1910DeadJane Wyatt  Entertainment
08/12/1911DeadCantinflas  Entertainment
08/12/1916DeadMarjorie Reynolds  Entertainment
08/12/1921DeadGloria Monty  Entertainment
08/12/1924DeadMuhammad Zia ul-Haq  Politics,Military
08/12/1925DeadRoss McWhirter  Publishing
08/12/1925DeadNorris McWhirter  Publishing
08/12/1926DeadJohn Derek  Entertainment
08/12/1927DeadPorter Wagoner  Music,Entertai...
08/12/1929DeadBuck Owens  Music,Entertai...
08/12/193090AliveGeorge Soros  Business
08/12/1931DeadWilliam Goldman  Entertainment,...
08/12/193387AliveParnelli Jones  Sports
08/12/1935DeadJohn Cazale  Entertainment
08/12/193684AliveJohn Poindexter  Military,Politics
08/12/193981AliveGeorge Hamilton  Entertainment
08/12/1943DeadDeborah Walley  Entertainment
08/12/194971AliveMark Knopfler  Music,Entertai...
08/12/195466AlivePat Metheny  Music
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