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Tomorrow's Birthdays
* These are the ages these people will be tomorrow *
Date of BirthAgeNameField
06/13/1892DeadBasil Rathbone  Entertainment
06/13/1893DeadDorothy L. Sayers  Literature
06/13/1897DeadPaavo Nurmi  Sports
06/13/1903DeadRed Grange  Sports
06/13/1905DeadDoc Cheatham  Music
06/13/1910DeadMary Wickes  Entertainment
06/13/1911DeadLuis Alvarez  Science
06/13/1913DeadRalph Edwards  Entertainment
06/13/1915DeadDon Budge  Sports
06/13/1918DeadBen Johnson  Entertainment
06/13/1926DeadPaul Lynde  Entertainment
06/13/1928DeadJohn Nash  Mathematics
06/13/193586AliveChristo  Art
06/13/193982AliveSiegfried Fischbacher  Entertainment
06/13/194378AliveMalcolm McDowell  Entertainment
06/13/194378AliveJim Guy Tucker  Politics
06/13/195170AliveRichard Thomas  Entertainment
06/13/195368AliveTim Allen  Entertainment
06/13/1962DeadMark Frankel  Entertainment
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