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Tomorrow's Birthdays
* These are the ages these people will be tomorrow *
Date of BirthAgeNameField
03/05/1874DeadHenry Travers  Entertainment
03/05/1897DeadSoong Mei-Ling  Politics
03/05/1898DeadChou En-lai  Politics
03/05/1904DeadKarl Rahner  Religion
03/05/1908DeadRex Harrison  Entertainment
03/05/1920DeadVirginia Christine  Entertainment
03/05/1922DeadJames Noble  Entertainment
03/05/1923DeadLaurence Tisch  Business
03/05/1926DeadCraig Hill  Entertainment
03/05/1926DeadJoan Shawlee  Entertainment
03/05/1927DeadJack Cassidy  Entertainment
03/05/193487AliveJames B. Sikking  Entertainment
03/05/1936DeadCanaan Banana  Politics
03/05/193685AliveDean Stockwell  Entertainment
03/05/193784AliveOlosegun Obasanjo  Military,Politics
03/05/193883AliveFred Williamson  Entertainment,...
03/05/193982AliveSamantha Eggar  Entertainment
03/05/194279AliveFelipe Gonz├ílez  Politics
03/05/194873AliveEddy Grant  Music
03/05/195467AliveMarsha Warfield  Entertainment
03/05/195566AlivePenn Jillette  Entertainment
03/05/1958DeadAndy Gibb  Music
03/05/1959DeadVazgen Sargsyan  Politics
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