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Tomorrow's Birthdays
* These are the ages these people will be tomorrow *
Date of BirthAgeNameField
05/28/1908DeadIan Fleming  Literature
05/28/1910DeadT-Bone Walker  Music
05/28/1911DeadThora Hird  Entertainment
05/28/1916DeadWalker Percy  Literature
05/28/1918DeadJohnny Wayne  Entertainment
05/28/1925DeadBülent Ecevit  Politics
05/28/193191AliveCarroll Baker  Entertainment
05/28/1933DeadZelda Rubinstein  Entertainment
05/28/1933DeadJohn Karlen  Entertainment
05/28/1934DeadMarie Dionne  Other
05/28/193488AliveCécile Dionne  Other
05/28/193488AliveAnnette Dionne  Other
05/28/1934DeadÉmilie Dionne  Other
05/28/1934DeadYvonne Dionne  Other
05/28/1936DeadBetty Shabazz  Other
05/28/193884AliveJerry West  Sports
05/28/1941DeadBeth Howland  Entertainment
05/28/194478AliveGladys Knight  Music
05/28/194478AlivePatricia Quinn  Entertainment
05/28/194478AliveRudolph Giuliani  Politics,Law
05/28/194577AliveJohn Fogerty  Music
05/28/194775AliveZahi Hawass  Science,Politics
05/28/1947DeadSondra Locke  Entertainment
05/28/1949DeadWendy O. Williams  Music
05/28/195765AliveKirk Gibson  Sports
05/28/196260AliveBrandon Cruz  Entertainment
05/28/1970DeadGlenn Quinn  Entertainment
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