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Dead or Alive?
This site tracks whether famous people are still alive or whether they have passed away. For a full explanation of who's included, how to find a name, and more info about the site, click on the Instructions button above.

Hitchcock Heroine Update

Alfred Hitchcock was well known for his penchant for casting cool, blonde actresses as heroines in his movies. Doris Day, who passed away one month ago today (on May 13), while known more as a sunny blonde, also appeared in an Alfred Hitchcock movie, "The Man Who Knew Too Much". Below is a list originally published in 2004, showing the then current status of various Hitchcock actresses, including Doris Day. The list has been updated with current information. The only one on the list who has passed away since the list was originally published 15 years ago is Doris Day. Otherwise only the current ages have changed. (Neither the list of actresses, nor the movies they appeared in is intended to be comprehensive. They are just examples.)
NameMovieDate of Death (Age)
Ingrid Bergman"Spellbound", "Notorious"Aug. 29, 1982 (67)
Doris Day"The Man Who Knew Too Much"May 13, 2019 (97)
Eva Marie Saint"North by Northwest"Alive at 94
Janet Leigh"Psycho"Oct. 3, 2004 (77)
Grace Kelly"Rear Window", "Dial M for Murder"Sep. 14, 1982 (52)
Tippi Hedren"The Birds", "Marnie"Alive at 88
Kim Novak"Vertigo"Alive at 86

Most Hits Answer

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People Who've Died in the Last Six Months
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Date of DeathAgeNameField
06/17/201995Gloria Vanderbilt  Fashion
06/15/201996Franco Zeffirelli  Entertainment
06/06/201977Dr. John  Music
05/30/201969Leon Redbone  Music
05/27/201969Bill Buckner  Sports
05/26/201985Bart Starr  Sports
05/25/201992Claus von Bülow  Crime
05/24/201989Murray Gell-Mann  Science
05/20/201970Niki Lauda  Sports
05/17/2019103Herman Wouk  Literature
05/16/2019102I. M. Pei  Architecture
05/16/201989Bob Hawke  Politics
05/14/20197Grumpy Cat  Miscellaneous
05/14/201985Tim Conway  Entertainment
05/13/201997Doris Day  Entertainment
05/11/201972Peggy Lipton  Entertainment
05/08/201989Jim Fowler  Science,Entertain...
04/30/201974Peter Mayhew  Entertainment
04/29/201951John Singleton  Entertainment
04/28/201987Richard Lugar  Politics
04/25/201979John Havlicek  Sports
04/23/201996Henry Bloch  Business
04/21/201983Ken Kercheval  Entertainment
04/14/201987Gene Wolfe  Literature
04/12/201970Georgia Engel  Entertainment
04/12/201985Forrest Gregg  Sports
04/10/201977Earl Thomas Conley  Music
04/09/201993Charles Van Doren  Other
04/07/201984Seymour Cassel  Entertainment
04/06/201997Ernest Hollings  Politics
04/01/201977Tania Mallet  Entertainment,Fas...
03/16/201981Dick Dale  Music
03/13/201953Frank Cali  Crime
03/07/201985Carmine Persico  Crime
03/04/201961King Kong Bundy  Sports,Entertainment
03/04/201985Juan Corona  Crime
03/04/201952Luke Perry  Entertainment
02/28/201989André Previn  Music,Entertainment
02/27/201980Nathaniel Taylor  Entertainment
02/23/201989Katherine Helmond  Entertainment
02/21/201994Stanley Donen  Entertainment
02/21/201977Peter Tork  Music,Entertainment
02/19/201985Karl Lagerfeld  Fashion
02/16/201977Bruno Ganz  Entertainment
02/15/201985Lee Radziwill  Other
02/14/201981David Horowitz  Journalism
02/12/201996Lyndon LaRouche  Politics
02/10/201973Jan-Michael Vincent  Entertainment
02/07/201982Albert Finney  Theater,Entertain...
02/07/201983Frank Robinson  Sports