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These People Died Before Age 30
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NameAgeDate of DeathField
Goldman, Ron2506/12/1994Other
Goodman, Andrew2006/21/1964Social Activism
Grant, Shauna2003/21/1984Entertainment
Green, Keith2807/28/1982Music
Grinkov, Sergei2811/20/1995Sports
Hagerman, Amber901/17/1996Other
Hampton, Fred2012/04/1969Social Activism
Harris, Eric1804/20/1999Crime
Harvey, John2104/25/1980Military
Hendrix, Jimi2709/18/1970Music
Hexum, Jon-Erik2610/18/1984Entertainment
Holly, Buddy2202/03/1959Music
Holmes, George Jr.2204/25/1980Military
Hoon, Shannon2810/21/1995Music
Hume, Sandy2802/22/1998Journalism
Jones, Anissa1808/28/1976Entertainment
Jones, Brian2707/03/1969Music
Joplin, Janis2710/04/1970Music
Kanka, Megan707/29/1994Other
Klaas, Polly1210/01/1993Other
Klebold, Dylan1704/20/1999Crime
Kolesnikov, Dmitry271000-01-01Military
Kopechne, Mary Jo2807/18/1969Other
L, Big2402/15/1999Music
Lane, Fred2407/06/2000Sports
Ledger, Heath2801/22/2008Entertainment
Lee, Brandon2803/31/1993Entertainment
Lehman, Trent2001/18/1982Entertainment
Levy, Chandra241000-01-01Other
Lewis, Johnny2809/26/2012Entertainment
Lewis, Reggie2707/27/1993Sports
Lindbergh, Pelle2611/13/1985Sports
Lymon, Frankie2502/27/1968Music
Martin, Trayvon1702/26/2012Other
Masih, Iqbal1204/16/1995Labor Union
McCandless, Chris2408/18/1992Other
McKernan, Ron "Pigpen"2703/08/1973Music
McMillan, Charles2804/25/1980Military
Moore, Greg2410/31/1999Sports
Morrison, Jim2707/03/1971Music
Nemechek, John2703/21/1997Sports
Notorious B.I.G.2403/09/1997Music
O'Rourke, Heather1202/01/1988Entertainment
Oswald, Lee Harvey2411/24/1963Crime
Palach, Jan2001/19/1969Social Activism
Parma, Michelle2710/19/2002Entertainment
Parsons, Gram2609/19/1973Music
Petrova, Alexandra1909/17/2000Other
Petrovic, Drazen2806/07/1993Sports
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