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Dead or Alive?

Here's what the site is:

A place to find out if a famous person is dead or alive

Here's what the site isn't:

An obituary site
A biography site
A woefully out-of-date/inaccurate site*
A mean-spirited site
An intentionally morbid site
A dead pool site
A missing persons site (unless the person is famous)

* When the site was new and this page was written this was definitely true. It was practically a fulltime job back then. In more recent years it has been a lot less true, unfortunately. But hopefully everything is back up-to-date again. If you find someone who has been dead for a long time and inadvertently overlooked, please submit a comment.

Regarding pictures:

Although having pictures on the site would definitely be desirable and helpful, for the present it has proven impractical. Copyright laws govern the use of pictures and the ownership of such. The Dead or Alive? site does not own the publication rights (which are very expensive) to pictures of any famous people and has enough respect for the concept of intellectual property to avoid stealing the work of others for its own use. Pictures will have to remain on the wish list for the future.