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People Alive over 85
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NameAgeDate of BirthField
Jane Fonda8512/21/1937Entertainment
Jim Marshall8512/30/1937Sports
Noel Paul Stookey8512/30/1937Music
Anthony Hopkins8512/31/1937Entertainment
King Juan Carlos I8501/05/1938Politics
Jim Otto8501/05/1938Sports
William B. Davis8501/13/1938Entertainment
Billy Gray8501/13/1938Entertainment
Jack Jones8501/14/1938Music
Queen Beatrix8501/31/1938Politics
James Watt8501/31/1938Politics
Judy Blume8502/12/1938Literature
Johnny Rutherford8502/12/1938Sports
Richard Beymer8502/20/1938Entertainment
Phil Knight8502/24/1938Business
Diane Baker8502/25/1938Entertainment
Paula Prentiss8503/04/1938Entertainment
Fred Williamson8503/05/1938Entertainment,Sports
Janet Guthrie8503/07/1938Sports
Charley Pride8503/18/1938Music
Craig Breedlove8503/23/1938Exploration
David Irving8503/24/1938History
Ali MacGraw8504/01/1938Entertainment
Roy Thinnes8504/06/1938Entertainment
Jerry Brown8504/07/1938Politics
Claudia Cardinale8504/15/1938Entertainment
Helen Prejean8504/21/1938Religion,Social Ac...
Duane Eddy8504/26/1938Music
Larry Niven8504/30/1938Literature
Buck Taylor8505/13/1938Entertainment
Richard Benjamin8505/22/1938Entertainment
Tommy Chong8505/24/1938Entertainment
Teresa Stratas8505/26/1938Music
Jerry West8505/28/1938Sports
Fay Vincent8505/29/1938Sports
Peter Yarrow8505/31/1938Music
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