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Dead or Alive?

Guess the Most Hits - Answer!

It's Bob Barker, of course!

Here is the final top 10 list.

1stBob Barker460,115
2ndLady X*438,444
3rdShirley Temple401,147
4thJean Calment397,083
5thKirk Douglas391,792
6thDoris Day372,658
7thBaby Fae344,498
8thRuby Muhammad318,175
9thClint Eastwood317,661
10thBilly Graham316,401

* Lady X's real name will be revealed in another contest

Here's how the responses break down. The first person to guess Bob Barker did so after clue #6 on June 4th. His initials are R.E. and in order not to spoil the surprise for him he wasn't told ahead of time. Of course, in the last day or two, many other people guessed Bob Barker. But most guessed Dick Van Dyke, and that would have been the webmaster's guess, too, if he didn't already know the answer. Dick Van Dyke fit the criteria through clue #9 equally well and is definitely very, very famous. Kirk Douglas was also a possibility, but whether he qualifies as tall and slim is debatable. Lots of people guessed Clint Eastwood, even though he's number 9 on the list and therefore can't be number 1.

Bob Barker
Bob Barker
Wikimedia Commons
[Public Domain]
By the way, according to websites, both Bob Barker and Dick Van Dyke are 6'1" and around 185 pounds. It's unknown how old that information is and it's certainly possible since they are both over 90 that they might weigh less than they used to.

Why is Bob Barker number 1 overall out of 7921 names? Obviously it's helpful that he has been on the list since the day the site debuted, but who knows why he is number 1. Why Lady X is number 2 is another good question. By the way, Dick Van Dyke has 265,026 hits and is ranked 21st on the list.

If you are one of those who guessed Bob Barker, congratulations. And even if you didn't, if you had fun, that was the main thing.