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Dead or Alive?

Guess the Most Hits -
Day 9.75

The game is taking a little break over the weekend. The largest number of site visitors is on Mondays so the final clue will be given on Monday when the largest number of people will see it.

In the meantime, here is a review.

The game started out like this with the first clue. And 8 days later we're up to the following 9 clues.

Clue #1: The person is male.
Clue #2: The person is alive.
Clue #3: The person is listed under entertainment.
Clue #4: The person is 75 or older.
Clue #5: The person was born in North America.
Clue #6: The person was not born in the summer - June, July or August.
Clue #7: The person is actually on the Alive Over 85 list
Clue #8: The person is on the tall and slim side, not the short or round side.
Clue #9: The person was born in December.

So far about 600 guesses have been received, and of course they've narrowed over the last few days as clues have eliminated more and more candidates.

The guesses received in the last 24 hours break down like this:

Dick Van Dyke138
Kirk Douglas82
Clint Eastwood62
Bob Barker53
William Shatner13
Tony Bennett13
Sean Connery12
Norman Lloyd12
Carl Reiner11

Is there wisdom in crowds?

Search Help

You can use the Combined Search page to exclude most of the names on the site. Click here to pull up the Combined Search page with all the searchable items entered. Then click the Search button to find the results. It will show everyone who meets the searchable criteria. There are not many names left in the running. 7921 names have been reduced to 9 names, some of which can be eliminated by non-searchable clues and common sense. The last clue will make everything crystal clear.

Click to see a summary of previous days' posts.