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GENERAL  General Quiz
In the list below choose whether the people are alive or dead
1.Flip WilsonComedian, star of the TV variety show "The Flip Wilson Show", famous for playing the female character Geraldine
2.Jean RenoirFrench director of films such as "La Grande Illusion" and "Le Crime de Monsieur Lange"
3.Richard LeakeySon of anthropologists Louis Leakey and Mary Leakey, world-class anthropologist in his own right and Kenyan politician
4.Colonel SandersFounder of the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant chain, real name: Harland Sanders
5.Joan LundenFormer co-host of the morning TV talk show "Good Morning America"
6.Muhammad AliBoxer known as "The Greatest", heavyweight champion of the world four times, famous for his charisma and his unique way with words, formerly named Cassius Clay
7.Ron SilverHe appeared in "Reversal of Fortune" and other movies and played Bruno Gianelli on the TV series "The West Wing", he was also known for his work on Broadway
8.Delta BurkeShe played Suzanne Sugarbaker on the TV series "Designing Women"
9.Barry GibbMember of the Bee Gees, most famous for "Stayin' Alive" and other songs from the movie "Saturday Night Fever"
10.Steve CarltonBaseball player, Hall of Fame pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies
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