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POLITICS  Politics Quiz
In the list below choose whether the people are alive or dead
1.Sargent ShriverFirst Director of the US Peace Corps, husband of Eunice Kennedy Shriver
2.William CroweFormer chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, former US ambassador to Great Britain
3.Mario CuomoFormer governor of the state of New York, once and future Democratic Party presidential candidate
4.Al GoreFormer US vice president and former US senator from Tennessee
5.Jimmy Carter39th president of the United States, he made the decision to boycott the Moscow Olympic games after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
6.Duchess of WindsorAKA Wallis Simpson, when King Edward VIII of Great Britain insisted on marrying her he was forced to abdicate the throne (she being divorced, and all), whereupon he became the Duke of Windsor and she the Duchess
7.Bill Clinton42nd president of the United States
8.Augusto PinochetLongtime leader of Chile, he overthrew elected president Salvador Allende in a bloody military coup in 1973 and finally relinquished power after 17 years
9.Fidel CastroFormer president of Cuba and the leader of the Cuban Revolution, famous for giving four hour speeches
10.Rudolph GiulianiFormer mayor of New York City noted for his leadership during the events of 9/11, he initially gained fame for a number of high-profile Mafia convictions during his stint as a federal prosecutor, he's commonly known as Rudy
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