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POLITICS  Politics Quiz
In the list below choose whether the people are alive or dead
1.Ross PerotFounder of computer company EDS, ran for US president twice as an independent
2.Janet RenoFormer US Attorney General
3.John GlennOne of the original Mercury 7 astronauts, he was the first American to orbit the Earth, former longtime US senator from Ohio
4.Fidel CastroFormer president of Cuba and the leader of the Cuban Revolution, famous for giving four hour speeches
5.Nelson MandelaFormer president of South Africa, jailed 27 years for his anti-apartheid activities
6.Boris YeltsinFormer president of Russia, he hammered the last nail in the coffin of the Soviet Union
7.Meir KahaneJewish radical agitator assassinated in New York City
8.John McCainUS senator from Arizona, former presidential candidate, POW for five years during the Vietnam war
9.Josip Broz TitoCommunist leader of Yugoslavia, broke with the Soviet Union and asserted Yugoslavia's independence
10.Princess CarolineDaughter of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco and sister of the current prince
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