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POLITICS  Politics Quiz
In the list below choose whether the people are alive or dead
1.Bill Clinton42nd president of the United States
2.Fidel CastroFormer president of Cuba and the leader of the Cuban Revolution, famous for giving four hour speeches
3.Kurt WaldheimFormer United Nations Secretary-General, former president of Austria, former German officer who evidence indicates may have been involved in war crimes during World War II
4.G. Gordon LiddyHe planned the Watergate burglary that led to the downfall of US president Richard Nixon, served time in prison, now a radio talk show host
5.Colin PowellFormer US Secretary of State, former Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff
6.Walter MondaleFormer vice president of the US under President Jimmy Carter, former US ambassador to Japan
7.Gary HartFormer US senator from Colorado
8.Prince CharlesHeir to the throne of the United Kingdom, son of Queen Elizabeth, ex-husband of Princess Diana
9.Princess CarolineDaughter of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco and sister of the current prince
10.Indira GandhiPrime minister of India, assassinated by her own bodyguards
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