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Visitor Stories
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *
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Story 393
Lou Rawls - It was the summer of 1979 and I was stationed at Reese Air Force Base, Lubbock, Texas. I was dating my wife-to-be at the time and she had come to the base for a summer bar-b-q (Field Day). My squadron's first sergeant had promised us all a surprise that day .. but refused to say what it was. It was a scorcher! Within the hour, a flashy limousine drove onto the field and pulled up within twenty feet of my fiancée and I. The door opened and out stepped Lou Rawls. My fiancée - an avid Lou fan - recognized him immediately. She shouted "Oh my God. Lou Rawls!!" and instinctively ran up and asked him for his autograph. The diminutive Rawls smiled and asked her for a pen and something to write on. She stuttered and said she had nothing, so Mr. Rawls produced a felt-tip pen. She offered her hand, but he suggested the polystyrene cup she was sipping beer from (still half-full). As she struggled to react, he took the cup from her hand, sipped her drink empty, gave her a big smile and asked her name, then signed the cup before greeting our First Sergeant, who was approaching from the other side of the field ... it turned out he was a personal friend from his childhood. My wife still has that cup to this very day!!! We were saddened to read of his passing from cancer, recently.
SNW - Posted: June 16, 2007

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