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Visitor Stories
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *
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Story 198
Elizabeth Taylor - In 1987, Elizabeth Taylor was doing the rounds at some major high end department stores promoting her new perfume, Passions. My mother was an executive at Woodward & Lothrop in the DC area and bought for me a signature bottle of the famed perfume and snagged an invitation to an exclusive tea luncheon with the star (and about 40 other lucky ladies) which I gladly attended. It was lovely. She had just lost a lot of weight, was thin and was wearing a gorgeous Chanel suit which matched those violet eyes (yes, they really are a deep blue/violet). My table was directly behind hers and when she sat down I noticed that the skirt of the suit didn't quite meet at the waist and was held together with a safety pin. As part of the tea luncheon (lots of little sandwiches, cakes, tea and such - very posh) she made her way around the 10 or so tables to say 'thank you' for attending. I was last, seated by myself, and didn't gush all over her like all the others. I was entranced by her beauty and that rock on her finger but I didn't act like a looney fan. But I did get to ask her a question. I wanted to know if the art deco design of her Passions perfume bottle was influenced by her recent acquistion of a few prize pieces from the late Duchess of Wales jewelry collection at auction. She was stunned that I wanted to talk about something besides her movies, touched my arm, asked if she could sit down, and said to me "Honey, let's talk". I was flabergasted. She wanted to know my name, she was interested in telling me her love of art deco, was pleasant (if not downright chatty) and was simply a delight. Her entourage had to pull her away to continue the ceremony and I have never met a celebrity as nice and as down to earth as her. I will never forget her or that special day. She was and is still a truly beautiful woman and I became a fan because of her warmth as well as her talent.
Katrina - Posted: November 27, 2006

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