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Visitor Stories
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Story 197
Jeremy Boorda - I was aboard the USS Saratoga during a joint exercise with the Army. We had a lot of brass from both the Army and the Navy onboard at the time, including Adm. Boorda. Well, every so often, we would give tours to a bunch of generals and admirals through our work spaces, mostly to one, two and three star generals, though. Well, one of my shipmates commented on that after the last tour of generals. He said, "Well, we have seen one star, two star and three star generals and admirals come through here. All we need now is a four star and we will have a full set. Well, as he said that Adm. Boorda passed by the door and overheard the conversation, because after he heard that he popped his head in and said with a hearty laugh, "Here is your four star". We popped to attention in military fashion. He had us carry on and he talked to us for a good 10-15 min. He asked us all where we were from and left us with some encouraging words before he had to leave for his briefing. He was a very warm and humble person. I was saddened to hear of his tragic death many years later.
- Posted: September 4, 2006

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