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People Alive over 85
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NameAgeDate of BirthField
Colin Powell8504/05/1937Politics,Military
Billy Dee Williams8504/06/1937Entertainment
Marty Krofft8504/09/1937Entertainment
Edward Fox8504/13/1937Entertainment
Elinor Donahue8504/19/1937Entertainment
Joseph Estrada8504/19/1937Politics
George Takei8504/20/1937Entertainment
Jack Nicholson8504/22/1937Entertainment
Thomas Pynchon8505/08/1937Literature
Madeleine Albright8505/15/1937Politics
Trini Lopez8505/15/1937Music,Entertainment
Brooks Robinson8505/18/1937Sports
Mengistu Haile Mariam8505/21/1937Politics
Tung Chee-hwa8505/29/1937Politics
Morgan Freeman8506/01/1937Entertainment
Mortimer Zuckerman8506/04/1937Publishing
Simeon II8506/16/1937Politics
Jay Rockefeller8506/18/1937Politics
Polly Holliday8507/02/1937Entertainment
Richard Petty8507/02/1937Sports
Tom Stoppard8507/03/1937Theater
Gene Chandler8507/06/1937Music
Ned Beatty8507/06/1937Entertainment
David Hockney8507/09/1937Art
Bill Cosby8507/12/1937Entertainment
John Aniston8507/24/1937Entertainment
Alfonse D'Amato8508/01/1937Politics
Dustin Hoffman8508/08/1937Entertainment
Lorraine Gary8508/16/1937Entertainment
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