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Lee Aaker
 Entertainment - He played Rusty on the 1950s TV series "T...
 Birth: 09/25/1943   Age: 75
Hank Aaron
 Sports - Hall of Fame baseball player who played for the ...
 Birth: 02/05/1934   Age: 85
Mahmoud Abbas
 Politics - President of the Palestinian National Authorit...
 Birth: 03/26/1935   Age: 84
F. Murray Abraham
 Entertainment - Played Salieri in the Oscar-winning film ...
 Birth: 10/24/1939   Age: 79
Jim Abrahams
 Entertainment - Produced and directed wacky films such as...
 Birth: 05/10/1944   Age: 75
Danny Aiello
 Entertainment - He has appeared in "Moonstruck", "Do The ...
 Birth: 06/20/1933   Age: 86
Anouk Aimée
 Entertainment - French actress, co-starred in the acclaim...
 Birth: 04/27/1932   Age: 87
Emperor Akihito
 Politics - Emperor of Japan, son of Hirohito
 Birth: 12/23/1933   Age: 85
Sadiq al Mahdi
 Politics - Former prime minister of Sudan, democratically...
 Birth: 12/25/1935   Age: 83
Mohamed al-Fayed
 Business - Owner of the world famous Harrods department s...
 Birth: 01/27/1933   Age: 86
Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf
 Politics - Minister of Information in the regime of Iraqi...
 Birth: 07/30/1940   Age: 79
Anna Maria Alberghetti
 Music, Entertainment - Singing star of the 1950s, also ap...
 Birth: 05/15/1936   Age: 83
King Albert II
 Politics - King of Belgium
 Birth: 06/06/1934   Age: 85
Marv Albert
 Sports - Announcer, noted especially for his basketball c...
 Birth: 06/12/1941   Age: 78
Madeleine Albright
 Politics - US Secretary of State under President Bill Cli...
 Birth: 05/15/1937   Age: 82
Tenley Albright
 Sports - Won the gold medal for women's figure skating at...
 Birth: 07/18/1935   Age: 84
Alan Alda
 Entertainment - Host of "Scientific American Frontiers" o...
 Birth: 01/28/1936   Age: 83
Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin
 Exploration - Astronaut, Lunar Module pilot on the Apollo...
 Birth: 01/20/1930   Age: 89
Jane Alexander
 Entertainment, Politics - Actress, "Testament" was a care...
 Birth: 10/28/1939   Age: 79
Iyad Allawi
 Politics - Prime minister of the interim government in Ir...
 Birth: 05/31/1944   Age: 75
Woody Allen
 Entertainment - Married his ex-girlfriend's adopted daugh...
 Birth: 12/01/1935   Age: 83
Isabel Allende
 Literature - Chilean writer, "La Casa de Los Espíritus" ...
 Birth: 08/02/1942   Age: 77
Bobby Allison
 Sports - NASCAR race car driver, won the Daytona 500 thre...
 Birth: 12/03/1937   Age: 81
Donnie Allison
 Sports - NASCAR race car driver, brother of Bobby Allison...
 Birth: 09/07/1939   Age: 80
Felipe Alou
 Sports - Longtime manager of the Montreal Expos baseball ...
 Birth: 05/12/1935   Age: 84
Herb Alpert
 Music - Trumpeter and bandleader of Herb Alpert and the T...
 Birth: 03/31/1935   Age: 84
Shirley Alston
 Music - Lead singer with The Shirelles
 Birth: 06/10/1941   Age: 78
Luis Echeverría Álv...
 Politics - Former president of Mexico (1970-1976)
 Birth: 01/17/1922   Age: 97
Aldrich Ames
 Espionage - CIA counterintelligence officer, passed class...
 Birth: 05/26/1941   Age: 78
Ed Ames
 Entertainment, Music - Played Mingo, sidekick of Daniel B...
 Birth: 07/09/1927   Age: 92
Rachel Ames
 Entertainment - She's played Audrey March Hardy, R.N. on ...
 Birth: 11/02/1929   Age: 89
John Amos
 Entertainment - Played Pa on the TV series "Good Times", ...
 Birth: 12/27/1939   Age: 79
Wally Amos
 Business - Founder of the Famous Amos cookie company, lat...
 Birth: 07/01/1936   Age: 83
Ursula Andress
 Entertainment - She was the orginal "Bond girl" in the Ja...
 Birth: 03/19/1936   Age: 83
Mario Andretti
 Sports - Race car driver, won many championships, includi...
 Birth: 02/28/1940   Age: 79
Julie Andrews
 Entertainment - Actress and singer, starred in "The Sound...
 Birth: 10/01/1935   Age: 83
John Aniston
 Entertainment - Plays Victor Kiriakis on the TV soap oper...
 Birth: 07/24/1937   Age: 82
Paul Anka
 Music - Canadian singer ... big in the '50s and '60s
 Birth: 07/30/1941   Age: 78
 Entertainment - She has starred or appeared in many movie...
 Birth: 04/28/1941   Age: 78
Little Anthony
 Music - Doo wop and R&B singer of the 1950s and 1960s, wi...
 Birth: 01/08/1940   Age: 79
Piers Anthony
 Literature - Science fiction/fantasy writer, author of th...
 Birth: 08/06/1934   Age: 85
Luis Aparicio
 Sports - Baseball player, Hall of Fame shortstop who hold...
 Birth: 04/29/1934   Age: 85
Michael Apted
 Entertainment - Documentary film maker of "Seven Up" and ...
 Birth: 02/10/1941   Age: 78
Sergio Aragonés
 Cartooning/Comics - Longtime cartoonist for "MAD" magazin...
 Birth: 09/06/1937   Age: 82
Jeffrey Archer
 Politics, Literature - British politician and author, for...
 Birth: 04/15/1940   Age: 79
Alan Arkin
 Entertainment - He's appeared in many movies, including "...
 Birth: 03/26/1934   Age: 85
Giorgio Armani
 Fashion - Fashion designer known for his elegant, timeles...
 Birth: 07/11/1934   Age: 85
Peter Arnett
 Journalism - Former CNN reporter, he was one of the "Bagh...
 Birth: 11/13/1934   Age: 84
Bob Arum
 Sports - Boxing promoter and longtime rival of fellow pro...
 Birth: 12/08/1931   Age: 87
John Ashcroft
 Politics - Former US Attorney General, former senator fro...
 Birth: 05/09/1942   Age: 77