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Visitor Stories - Page 15
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *
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  • Bill Cosby - My wife was with her first husband in a Chicago restaurant. Her ex wanted to get Bill's authograph but another person went up and Bill was with his wife and told him matter-of-factly, "Do I bother you while you're eating your dinner? So I will ask you to let us eat ours." Then my wife's then-husband did not have the nerve to go up after that exchange.
    RD - Posted: June 16, 2007

  • Frank Sinatra - It was in Atlantinc City, back in the early fifty's. My greatgrandmother, managed a small hotel called the 'Palms'. Which happened to be several buildings down from the famous '500' Club. My uncle,who knew the bartender in the club, would go in the afternoon and sip of few beers. One afternoon, he took his daughter and me with him. He sat us in the seats in the theatre and told us not to move, while he got a beer. Guess who was re-hearsing that afternoon? Frank. Entire band, high stool, and yes his recognizable hat. He said to us, "How am I doing kids?" we nodded, and I said your allright. He giggled and so did we, not knowing that he was the soon to be famous singer. That night the spotlights were outside the 500 Club, waiting the arrival of the top billing, Dean and Jerry. Frank was a backseater then, and I learned later in life, that the owner Skinny D'Amato, gave hime his boost back to stardom. My cousin was younger at the time, and still has to ask me if it really happened. It did, and I cherish the experience today. I don't remember the song he re-hearsed that day, but who cares. We had a personal audience with "Ol' Blue Eyes".
    Francis J Graff - Posted: June 16, 2007

  • Woody Allen, Bette Midler - Beverly Center shopping mall/LA,summer early '90s. I see Xmas decorations and trees's on side of buildings and notice movie being filmed. Scene being shot of "Scenes from a Mall". Red convertible sports car of Woody/Bette driving into underground garage. Car being towed by movie camera truck for the shot. Woody and director decide to re-shoot shoot. Him and Bette stand waiting on curb. Stretch limo pulls up, driver opens back door, Woody jumps in and they drive off. Bette waits a minute, and then Bette jumps into a regular movie company van and both end up about a 100 yds away for the re-shoot! Weird!
    jh/reno - Posted: June 16, 2007

  • John Ritter - In the late '90s, a buddy of mine was attending Eureka College in Illinois when John Ritter was there for a lecture/interview session. My buddy and his friend ran into John in the bookstore. Since the friend was too shy to approach him, my buddy walked right over to John, shook his hand, and said, "Hi, John. How are you doing?" My buddy is a bit over the top and startled John, but John was very accommodating and friendly to them both.
    - Posted: June 16, 2007

  • Evelyn Keyes - I had volunteered at a Women in Film Event for the Academy Awards in the early 1990s. It was held at a Beverly Hills country club and as a USC film student I was given the task of basically running around picking up discarded beverage glasses and helping decorate the tables as the guests watched the awards on television. I was really hoping to make connections in the industry but this lonely sweet old lady came and sat down next to me while I was taking a break. Obviously she was not a Hollywood heavy-hitter but I introduced myself and told her I was a film student. She introduced herself as Evelyn Keyes. Now meeting Scarlett O'Hara's sister, Suellen, and the former wife of John Huston was a treat. The stories she told for the next hour or so made my night!
    SLS - Posted: June 16, 2007

  • Benny Parsons - I met Benny Parsons a few years back. He was in Michigan at the Roush Truck Shop when it was in Livonia. I have a NASCAR flag with quite a few autographs on it, that include Lee Petty, Richard Petty, Kyle Petty, and Adam Petty. When I gave it to him to sign and I asked him not to sign in a certain square because it had Lee Petty, and Adam Petty's signature on it. I wanted to leave that alone in honor of them. When I told him that he said with a great big smile, "That's nice." He shook my hand & gave me that big Benny Parsons smile. Now I have another square that I will ask other drivers not to sign.
    RJI - Posted: June 16, 2007

  • Harrison Ford - Harrison Ford grew up in the upper class neighborhoods of the North Shore of Chicago. Ford's Upper Crust upbringing afforded him quite a knowledge of the surrounding state, Wisconsin's spectacular north woods areas and since he appreciated the north, he's built a respectable waterfront home on a lake near our family's cabins. One fall, my brother and I were readying the cabins for the winter, picking up supplies at the local Ace hardware store when Harrison Ford was checking out in front of him. Of all things, Ford was wearing a "trademark" Indiana Jones type hat and when the polite-as-can-be North Woods checkout girl asked for his autograph, he curtly and angrily responded, "My signature is on the credit card receipt, that's all you get". It was neat to see Ford, my brother said but after that attitude Ford chose to show, we wish he'd stay in Hollywood where perhaps the fame he's gained with his public following isn't as offensive to him as it seems to be to him in our North Woods.
    BUD - Posted: June 16, 2007

  • Lou Rawls - It was the summer of 1979 and I was stationed at Reese Air Force Base, Lubbock, Texas. I was dating my wife-to-be at the time and she had come to the base for a summer bar-b-q (Field Day). My squadron's first sergeant had promised us all a surprise that day .. but refused to say what it was. It was a scorcher! Within the hour, a flashy limousine drove onto the field and pulled up within twenty feet of my fiancée and I. The door opened and out stepped Lou Rawls. My fiancée - an avid Lou fan - recognized him immediately. She shouted "Oh my God. Lou Rawls!!" and instinctively ran up and asked him for his autograph. The diminutive Rawls smiled and asked her for a pen and something to write on. She stuttered and said she had nothing, so Mr. Rawls produced a felt-tip pen. She offered her hand, but he suggested the polystyrene cup she was sipping beer from (still half-full). As she struggled to react, he took the cup from her hand, sipped her drink empty, gave her a big smile and asked her name, then signed the cup before greeting our First Sergeant, who was approaching from the other side of the field ... it turned out he was a personal friend from his childhood. My wife still has that cup to this very day!!! We were saddened to read of his passing from cancer, recently.
    SNW - Posted: June 16, 2007

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