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Visitor Stories - Page 40
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *
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  • George Bush - As a member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band at Texas A&M University, I was privileged with the opportunity to perform all over the country, including the inaugural parade in Washington, D.C. This afforded me the ability to see several famous people, but I could never get within spitting distance of any of them because they were always preoccupied with the leaders of the band. Then, my day finally came - unexpectedly! It was in the fall of 2000 while I was a junior at A&M. I was in the recreation center lifting weights, oblivious to my surroundings, when a fellow bandsmen came up and asked if I knew who was working out beside me. Wow, George Bush, Sr. was pumping iron on the machine next to me! I jumped up and stumbled through some unrehearsed ramblings and got a handshake in before he headed to the water fountain and out the door (followed closely by his bodyguard). He was very polite and responsive to my friend and I, and the whole dorm was jealous when they found out.
    Jayson - Posted: September 4, 2006

  • Gregory "Pappy" Boyington - Early in 1950 I was working as an order clerk at Pabst Brewing Co. Los Angeles Brewery. Early one morning, I was working alone in the office and a man walked in, shook my hand and introduced himself. He said, "I'm Greg Boyington, and I'll be working here in the sales department". I thought nothing about it until later in the day, I discovered he was Pappy Boyington the famous Marine Corp. flyer, and WW-2 war hero. He always came in and said hello. He was a real gentleman..
    Ray - Posted: September 4, 2006

  • Charlie Daniels - My wife, son and I attended a Charlie Daniels concert in Las Vegas in 1996. As part of his act, he took a rubber snake out of a saxophone and threw it in the audience. My 10 year old son caught the snake and we ask the waitress if we could meet Mr. Daniels after the show. She showed us where to go after the show and we went up to his dressing room only to find out that he had left already for the evening. One of his assistants was giving us a tour of his dressing room when Charlie came back to get something he had forgotten. He was so kind and wonderful - He gave each of us an autographed picture and when my wife ask to give him a kiss, he said "Well, all righty then" and she gave him a big kiss on the cheek. He stayed with us for about five minutes and ask where we were from and how we enjoyed the show. He has three fans forever! He is a fantastic entertainer and a wonderful gentlemen to his fans!
    tbird505 - Posted: September 4, 2006

  • Robert Stack - Growing up in Southern California, I have encountered a fair number of celebrities in my life. The first encounter, however, sticks in my mind like it happened yesterday, even though it was over 40 years ago. I was 10 years old, and my family had moved to Southern California just a few months before. We were visiting Palm Springs for a weekend, and on Sunday stopped for breakfast in a Denny's. During breakfast, my parents were whispering back and forth and sneakily pointing to someone behind me. When I asked who it was, they said Robert Stack of the "Untouchables". He was there with his family, also having breakfast. I wasn't sure who that was, and I was dying to look. When I heard the people behind me start getting ready to leave, I turned around to look and came face to face with Mr. Stack. Without smiling, he looked at me and asked "How you doing?" A bit shy, I responded "Fine". He said "Good" and walked away. Brief, but it was the first one for me.
    JCT - Posted: September 4, 2006

  • Johnny Cash - I first met Johnny at our local county fairgrounds, shortly before he started his show. What surprised me was how humble and shy he was. He was very gracious, signed autographs, and posed for pictures, and thanked us for coming to the show. It was later I learned he had been attacked by an ostrich at his home, and that his chest and stomach looked like a huge sore boil. Our local EMS wrapped him in an Ace bandage, so he could perform. He would have had to have been in agony, but he never complained, and performed as if nothing was wrong.
    Joe Bohner - Posted: September 4, 2006

  • Fess Parker - I was a mailman in Palm Springs, California and had the privilege of meeting several celebrities such as Kirk Douglas, Rod Taylor, Sydney Sheldon and Harold Robbins through my delivery rounds. My most memorable and enjoyable encounter came when I pulled up to Fess Parker's mailbox. He had just finished a conversation with his neighbor and was walking across his driveway when he spotted me. I got out of my truck and met him halfway with his mail. He was just a great person to talk to. We talked about junk mail, horses, Daniel Boone and the Post Office. When I said good-bye, I turned around to go back to my truck and for some strange reason, my feet came right out from under me and I was going down. As I was falling, Mr Parker grabbed me from under the arms and brought me to my feet. "Whew! You might have owned this place." He said, insinuating that I could have sued him. I replied, "Not a chance sir. Too much maintenance." We both had a good laugh.
    John Foster - Posted: September 4, 2006

  • Sally Struthers - While I was working at an art supply store in the Midwest, Sally Struthers came in to buy some supplies. She was touring with a production of "Grease" and needed some paint for a project she was working on in her hotel room (transforming an old piece of railing into a toy soldier). She asked me not to give her the total right away. She wanted to guess, and was very happy with how close she got to the correct number. The whole time I waited on her, I wasn't quite sure it was her, but when I saw the credit card, there it was: Sally Struthers. She was very nice and very tiny, about 5'.
    - Posted: September 4, 2006

  • Lyndon Johnson - I don't recall the year but this incident took place while Lyndon Johnson was still President of the United States. It had been brought to my attention by my aunt that President Johnson often stood outside a Catholic church located in southwest Washington, D.C. (not far from the White House) waiting for Sunday Mass to end whereupon he would meet his daughter who often attended Sunday Mass at that church. Knowing this, I decided to attend Sunday Mass at that church to see if I could catch a glimpse of President Johnson standing outside the church waiting for his daughter. Rather then waiting for Mass to end completely whereupon the entire congregation would be leaving the church, I decided to leave Mass (via a side door) about five minutes before Mass was over. Exiting the side door, I walked down the deserted sidewalk towards the front of the church. As I approached the front of the church, much to my amazement, there standing about thirty feet away from me was President Johnson! And to add to my amazement, he was standing there completely alone with not another person in sight, not even Secret Service agents. I was so astonished, that without thinking, I walked straight towards him, then, standing directly in front of him, I held out my hand and said "Hi, glad to meet you!" He shook my hand, whereupon I went on my way, not wishing to intrude further on his privacy. As I reflect back on that day, I am even more amazed and astonished to think that I, an ordinary citizen, could walk directly up to the President of the United States and extend my hand towards him and not one single Secret Service Agent approached me or attempted to stop me. Although I am not sure of this, upon reflection, it is quite possible that President Johnson was there alone, without any Secret Service agents with him. He was there not as the President of the United States but simply as a father picking up his daughter after church. And when I approached him, he was not one bit alarmed or concerned.
    WLG - Posted: September 4, 2006

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