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Visitor Stories - Page 42
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *
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  • Mel Gibson - Once during a week of High-School Christmas Vacation in the mid-80's, a group of my friends and I rented one-half of a duplex on a resort's ski slopes in Colorado. Well, our group (all teenagers) were partying in the hot tub on the deck of our half of the duplex. Well, it was 5am, we were a bit loud passing the schnapps around, and a head pops over the dividing fence of the duplex quietly asking us to "keep it down, please, as his kids were still sleeping..." We all mumbled some sort of apology. And seconds after he walked away from the fence, we realized that was Mel Gibson.
    sb - Posted: September 4, 2006

  • Phyllis Diller - In 1980, I was a movie theatre manager in Key West, Florida. Phyllis Diller was in town and I had tickets. After the show, we staked out the back door hoping to see her come out. Sure enough, she came out and signed autographs with no complaints. I had sadly lost my job that day and told her I really needed the laughs she provided. She said she was sorry and hoped she didn't cause my job loss. She is such a funny lady!
    Terry Florie - Posted: September 4, 2006

  • Paul McCartney - 1987. I was working on a holiday park (Camber Sands) in Sussex. I was out grocery shopping in Rye. Macca was pushing his trolley among locals (who had obviously seen him there every week, as they weren't standing open-mouthed like me). 'Is it you?' I asked. 'It must be,' he laughed, and carried on down the aisle!!!!!
    paul harwood - Posted: September 4, 2006

  • Willie Mays - I was a sports writer who worked late at night. One morning, my sports editor awakened me by saying that Willie Mays was playing golf at a local course and I had to go over and interview him. Before leaving, I called a man who was a big Mays fan and asked what he would ask Mays if he could ask one question. He told me that it is rumored that Mays developed his famous "basket" catch while stationed at Fort Eustis, a local army post. Perfect! Great local angle. When I got to the course, I was greeted by the manager and brought to the 18th hole, where Mays was finishing play. When I was introduced to him, Mays would not offer his hand and said he didn't have time to be interviewed because he had to go straight to a waiting car and catch a plane. So, I interviewed as he walked. I saved the local-angle question until the end. When I asked if it were true, Mays said, "They'd like to think that, wouldn't they?" This was a man talking with a local reporter, knowing he would be quoted. Mays was, without question, the biggest jerk I ever interviewed (and I interviewed many a jerk).
    - Posted: September 4, 2006

  • Burton Cummings - I was among just a handful of fans that waited to get Burton Cummings autograph after a concert here in my home town. After about a half an hour he came around the corner to get on his bus, one lady stepped forward and asked for his signature, he responded "Ive got my hands full" (he was carrying some papers). He said "Just let me put these away and then I'll be back". Mr Cummings got on the bus, we waited, about 5 or 6 mintues later the bus pulled away! It was rude, but I still love the man's music!
    Anna - Posted: September 4, 2006

  • Debbie Harry - In 1987 when I was living in Manhattan I passed Debbie Harry of Blondie on the street once, and as I passed her she happened to be pointing and saying to her companion "That's where I saw Joanne Woodward."
    - Posted: September 4, 2006

  • Marilyn Monroe - I was Bar Mitzvahed June 2, 1956. The day before, a Friday, I was practicing at the synagogue. After I finished, the only people in the room, the cantor and this beautiful blonde woman, wearing, if I recall, blue jeans and a man's white shirt, came over to me. I recall the woman saying something nice about my performance, speaking in a breathy voice. I recall thinking that this was some sort of goddess; one did not see this kind of woman in New Haven, Connecticut. I gave this no more thought until the next week, when Life magazine came out and there was a picture of the woman, my rabbi, and her new husband, Arthur Miller at their wedding. So that is how I met Marilyn Monroe!
    D.B. - Posted: September 4, 2006

  • David Carradine - It was in the early 1980's. I was a cashier at a store in Mt Mount, NY when I stopped in to check on something. As I was entering the store I noticed people looking at me... or I thought it was me. David was going out the exit door as I was coming in. I never did see him... but was within inches of him. He purchased orange juice. His daughter Calista was living in the area at the time. My brother had gone to school with Calista at Geneseo Central.
    Trixie - Posted: September 4, 2006

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