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Visitor Stories - Page 18
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *
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  • Pierce Brosnan - My husband and I were on vacation in Portugual touring a castle when I saw a group of men at a distance coming toward me. We thought it was a bunch of soccer players, seeing there were many games going on that week. When they passed me, I saw that one of the men was Pierce Brosnan and the rest were his body guards. I was so excited, so of course, we followed him, trying to get him on video. He came out of a little shop as we pretended like we just happened to be there when all of a sudden he walked up to me and my husband and asked where we were from as he shook our hands. I asked him what he was doing in Portugual and he said he was there making a commercial for a new beer. He said, "I have to make a living." And then he walked off with his body guards. I must say that he is as handsome as he is in the movies and was very friendly.
    Carolyn from MA - Posted: May 26, 2007

  • Ben Johnson - I had always loved Ben Johnson in all those western movies, but imagine my surprise when in the summer of 1995 while I was living in Mesa, AZ when I saw him and a elderly woman at a vegetable market in Mesa. I was too shocked to go up to him and speak but about thirty minutes later ran into them again at the grocery store where I shopped. This time I decided to go up to him and speak. I said "Are you Ben Johnson?" he answered, "Well, yes, I am, little lady." he shook my hand and it was dwarfed by his very large one. He then asked me to come over and meet his mother. They acted so friendly toward me and even invited me to their home sometime, which was in senior community close by. Unfortunately, I never went and was sorry when I learned that he died several months later.
    PATRICIA MATHES - Posted: May 26, 2007

  • Micky Dolenz - I was in a bike shop in the Valley in 1994 and met Micky Dolenz. We started chatting about bikes and stuff and he gave me his card and told me to call him so we can go mountain biking. He was there to buy a bike for him and his daughter Ami. His card read: Micky Dolenz, Ami's father. I thought that was cool. I said, Hey, are you a Monkee? And he said, Yeah!!! So I called my buddy Danny up and told him that I met Micky Dolenz in the bike shop while he was buying a bike for him and his daughter, Ami. My friend Dan said, Wow, Ami is HOT!!! I called Danny a scumbag for saying that about a little girl. Danny showed me a photo of Ami...She was no little girl. She was about our age and the total fox!!! I never called Micky. Living in L.A. I've met many celebs and have never felt awkward but with Mr. Dolenz...what the hell would I have to say to him? ...Uh, Micky, My mom always thought you were great!!! hahhhahahaha
    chrismedina.com - Posted: May 26, 2007

  • Martin Short - We went to go see Matin Short in concert, and he pulled me up on stage and had a pleasant conversation with me. Then he told me to read a card.
    - Posted: May 26, 2007

  • Henry Winkler - When I was 7 years old (in 1976), Henry Winkler appeared with many other celebrities at a benefit for a children's charity. This was at the height of '[Happy Days" popularity. I had read that he hated getting called The Fonz. So being the little kid that I was, I asked him, "How come you don't like to be called The Fonz?" He replied,"'cause I'm Henry!!"
    David Levin - Posted: May 26, 2007

  • Aretha Franklin - Around 1996 or 1997 the Democratic National Convention was held here in Chicago and parties were going on all along the lakefront. I just so happen to be passing by the Art Institute of Chicago and notice a crowd in front hoping to catch a peek at Michael Jordan, (who slipped out the back) but Madame Ms. Franklin herself took center stage as she waved toward everyone around taking her sweet time (I swear) seeming almost to "float" down the steps into her car!
    W.A. Johnson lV.esq. - Posted: February 22, 2007

  • Bill Walton - The Basketball Hall-of-Famer lives about three miles from our house here in San Diego. I've seen him twice in the past ten years--once in a local supermarket and once while he was walking into his home. Both times he realized that I'd recognized him, and although we each smiled and nodded, I respected the man's privacy, and said nothing. He has a bumper sticker stuck above the entrance to his house that says "Walton for Governor."
    Joe C. - Posted: February 22, 2007

  • Gene Roddenberry - Back in the '80s I was working as an engineer at a TV station here in Jacksonville, FL. One day we aired a "Star Trek" marathon, hosted by Gene Roddenberry. I wasn't working the day he came in to pre-tape his segments, but I went in anyway in hopes of meeting him. We stood there talking in the nearly dark studio after the taping, and he answered every question I asked (even the dumb ones). It was nice to meet someone famous whom I respected, who turned out to be so nice in person.
    Cessnaace - Posted: February 22, 2007

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