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Visitor Stories - Page 63
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *
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  • Philip K. Dick - Usually, one would think that a writer of such dark (and often twisted) stories would not be prone to child-like fun. Au contraire... One eve in the '70s, Philip showed his fun side during a casual dinner party. Who actually brought the toys that gave such a lift to the festivities remains only a partial mystery -- given the events, the consensus is that it was Phil. Shortly after dinner, we heard water running in the bathroom for quite awhile, and eventually someone went to check it out. To our surprise, the tub was filled with water. Phil appeared only minimally guilty as he said "LOOK!" -- and there they were -- windup toys bobbing in the tub. From ships to dolphins... frogs to whales... mermaids to deep-sea divers -- everyone picked a toy and the first (and only) Curry Dinner Tub Toy Races began! Organised it was not -- but silly as all get-out. :) Different races, different winners, but when Phil jumped up and down, yelling, "I won! I won! I won!" we all fell apart. Not exactly the picture most would have for the writer of "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" Over the years, this has become a legendary story among friends and family (along with the "fire in the basement," "exploding punch bowl," "TV/film star almost passes out" and "broken saucepan brunch" party tales).
    - Posted: April 29, 2006

  • Betty White, Angela Lansbury - Growing up during the 1980s, television was a big part of my life. This remained the case when I would spend weekends at my grandmother's house although the programming changed. She really enjoyed shows like the "Golden Girls" and "Murder, She Wrote" and I became hooked on them. In 2001, shortly after moving 2500 miles away from home to Los Angeles, I met two of the stars of these shows. As I stood in line to buy tickets to Bea Arthur's (sarcastic Golden Girl) one woman show, I spotted Betty White (clueless Golden Girl) and Angela Lansbury (mature sleuth) and introduced myself. They were as kind and humble as the characters they played on television. BTW - Thanks for the great site!
    - Posted: April 29, 2006

  • Lloyd Bridges - Lloyd Bridges was famous as Mike Nelson in Seahunt, probably the first and only prime time show about undersea diving. Around 1978 I was out in my boat between Cape Cod and Martha's Vinyard when I encountered another vessel which was broken down. Imagine my surprize when I realized the stranded boater was Lloyd Bridges himself. How many people can claim to have towed in Mike Nelson...
    - Posted: April 29, 2006

  • Dorothy Malone - For years I was aware that she resided in Dallas, Texas. I had tried several times (unsuccessfully) to contact or meet her. Finally one day at work (Saks Fifth Avenue) I saw this beauitful mature lady wearing a fur jacket and large dark sunglasses. Her trademark blonde hair was a definite giveaway. I had kept a photo of her in my office just in case. After she left I approached her and we chatted for several minutes about her career from working with Jimmy Stewart, Bogart and Bacall to the days of the soap "Peyton Place" to her last project "Basic Instinct" She kindly signed my photo. Since that time we have become friends and she and I will call or send a card/note on hoildays. This was a dream come true. She is a kind and lovely lady.
    - Posted: April 29, 2006

  • George Burns - I crossed paths with God one afternoon while waiting for my flight departure at LAX, back in 1984, but He was hurrying to catch a flight of his own and didn't have time to sign an autograph for me. Yes, I actually passed by George Burns in one of the main corridors at LAX. He was clutching the trademark cigar, and I received a friendly "Hiya" when I greeted him. But when I requested an autograph, his assistant apologetically told me that they were late for a flight and really didn't have the time. I didn't care, the memory of the encounter was the important thing for me.
    - Posted: April 26, 2006

  • Birgit Nilsson - In 1970, I was a young singer in Atlanta, Ga. studying to sing in the opera. Miss Nilsson came to Atlanta to sing. I sat in a pitch black auditorium all day waiting for her to arrive to prepare for her recital, which she did at around 4 p.m. As she sang, I inched my way forward until I was sitting on the front row. When she finished, she walked to the edge of the stage and looked at me. "You're very intent on me, aren't you?" she asked. "Oh, yes," I stammered, totally awed by the great soprano. She asked if I was a singer and I told her I was studying to be a singer. She asked me if I would like to sing for her, which I did. She took her time just before a recital to critique my performance line by line and said to me, "You have a beautiful voice; you must keep singing." For years after that, any time I was panned by a critic, I just thought to myself, "So what! Birgit Nilsson said I can sing." It was incredibly validating and a magnificently generous thing to do for a young singer. I miss you already, Miss Nilsson. Your time was not wasted. I did become an opera singer and in honor of your kindness, I always tried to encourage other young singers.
    - Posted: April 26, 2006

  • Tony Danza - It was my 50th birthday, and my crazy cousin from NY wanted me to celebrate with her. She ordered tickets to "A View of the Bridge", starring Tony Danza. Well, we went and enjoyed the play very much. But that was not enough for my pushy, but cute, NY cousin. She insisted that we try to meet him and that is exactly what we did. As he exited the back door of the theatre, there were about 15 fans who greeted him, me being one. He was so gracious, chatted with me about his child and told me that his child called the playbill the DADDY BOOK. Well, now I am a fan for life. Thank goodness he is among the living. What a guy!
    - Posted: April 26, 2006

  • Bo Diddley - When I was 19 years old, in the early 1980's, Bo Diddley was performing at a club in Ottawa, Canada. As I walked past the bar before the performance, I saw him sitting down having a coffee and I said hello. He offered his hand, which was was three times the size of mine, and related me that the airline had lost his guitar (his trademark box-shaped guitar). When I expressed my disappointment, he smiled and said, "But that's okay, I can play anything." The next day I read in the newspaper that the club's owner had lent him a guitar that he had bought for his own son's 13th birthday present. So this kid, the son of a bar owner, received for this 13th birthday a guitar that had been played by Bo Diddley.
    - Posted: April 26, 2006

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