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Visitor Stories - Page 16
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *
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  • Willie Nelson - In the early '90s I drove a cab in Laughlin, NV. One day I had a couple of guys that wanted to be taken from one of the casinos to the Emerald River Golf course. After I dropped them off, I noticed a guy taking a set of golf clubs out of the trunk of a car. I knew Willie Nelson was in town because he was playing that weekend at Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort & Casino. As I watched the guy getting the clubs out, I realized it was Willie. I said "Willie", and he turned around, smiled and walked over to me and shook my hand. I asked for his autograph and he said sure, what's your name. Told him and he signed it to me. He said he was gonna knock a few balls around before his show that night. I have always been a big fan, and this was the best meeting of a celebrity I have ever had.
    Jim Brown - Posted: June 16, 2007

  • Claudette Colbert - I am a 59 year old man and classic movie fan. In the summer of 1987 I was awaiting a flight at Catania airport in Sicily for Rome. It was blazingly hot. I noticed two impeccably attired ladies seated in the terminal. Yes! It was Ms Colbert and her personal assistant, en route from a holiday to the Cannes film festival. I thought Ms Colbert's chronological age to have been over 80, but she looked a very well-preserved 50 at most, and with legs just as good as displayed in her famous film, "It Happened One Night". Moreover, she was absolutely charming and witty; we spoke about her career and latest TV movie ("The Third Mrs. Grenville", I believe) and her home in Barbados. I treasure the moment. When, on the bus to the aircraft, a fellow asked me if she was Jane Wyman. I said, "no" and confided the question to Ms Colbert. She graciously allowed how Ms Wyman was much younger. I spontaneously blurted out: "... And you never would have married Ronald Reagan!" She giggled and told me: "But he and Nancy are great friends" What a classy lady.
    Jim Casey - Posted: May 26, 2007

  • Jackie Mason - In the past I worked at a world famous restaurant in South Florida. One evening I had the pleasure of waiting on Jackie Mason. He had just come from doing his show. What a nice person he was. Always making me and my co-workers laugh. At one point he asked who owned this place, a Jew or Gentile? We told him a jew. He said no wonder why I like it so much. He said even if it were a Gentile, he'd like it the same. After he ate and was ready to leave, he took pictures with myself, and the rest of the staff. He was truly cool.
    M De Vaul - Posted: May 26, 2007

  • Danny thomas - It was late in the 1970s and I was on a flight from Detroit to Florida. I noticed a man coming out of first-class with large dark framed glasses and a cigar. He stopped in every row and shook the passengers hand while he told tham how nice it was to meet them. I was 18 or 19 at the time so I didn't pay too much attention to him but recently remembered the encounter and thought, "What a classy guy" The older folks on the plane were starstruck.
    SLS - Posted: May 26, 2007

  • David Carradine - In the late 1960s, a friend of mine invited me to tag along with his acting class when they went to see "The Deputy" on Broadway, which was starring David Carradine (long before "Kung Fu"). The class was invited to stay after the play to speak with David and another member of the cast about acting. The session was interesting, and Carradine was very patient and gracious with the endless questions. More fascinating to me, however, was that the other cast member was Ian Wolfe, who was a character actor that everyone would recognize (always a butler or minister in many films - born around 1896, and his last film was "Dick Tracy" in 1990 - no idea when he died). He is not in the "Dead or Alive?" gallery, but I consider meeting Wolfe my one claim to fame, and more impressive than meeting Carradine!
    Tom Murphy - Posted: May 26, 2007

  • Lionel Richie - In 1984 I was working with my brother in Beverly Hills on Marvin Davis' estate while he was having the place renovated. I had heard that Lionel Richie was a tenant in the guest house there. One day while I was standing in the parking area of the guest house, we were trying to clear an area drain from a higher elevation, I heard someone come up from behind and asked me what I was doing. I turned around, and it was Lionel Richie. I explained what I was doing, and we talked about the renovations that Mr. Davis was having done, and Lionel said "Yeah, my landlord can spend that kind of money without even questioning where it goes, but this morning I had to try to bargain with the concrete guy that is building my home in Bel Air". I found Mr. Richie to be a very nice and friendly guy.
    Jimbo - Posted: May 26, 2007

  • Martin Short - In the fall of 1992, my brother and I were pulling an all-nighter at our favourite coffee shop just shooting the breeze. Around 3 a.m or so, I noticed a small group of people enter and sit down at the counter in front of us. A couple of them were drunk so nobody really paid them any mind. I happen to look up and recognize one of them as the one and only Martin Short. He was with fellow SCTV alumni Robin Duke and a dude who might've been his brother. I whispered to my brother that Martin Short was in front of us and some jagoff beside us overheard and starting making stupid comments. Martin took them in stride and was very patient considering his condition. He was gracious enough to give me his autograph before he left (on a 7-Eleven receipt I had) and was one of the classiest celebrities I have ever met.
    Justin D. Toronto, Canada - Posted: May 26, 2007

  • Lou Ferrigno - I was a big hulk fan. Wouldn't miss it on Friday nights along with the Dukes and their amazing car. So when I heard Lou (The Hulk) Ferrigno was coming to my hometown (Thunder Bay, ON) to appear at an opening of a new city gym I just had to go. Me and my cousin Bill waited and waited what seemed liked for ever, He ran really really late. We decided to give up and on my way out I was so busy yapping to my cuz about how cool it would have been to see the green man himself I slammed right into him (felt like I hit a brick wall, me being about 14 or 15). Then I lie flat on my butt staring WAY up at the Hulk himself he helped me up and said how sorry he was but he was running late. And as cool as I could be I just mumbled something incoherant because I was starstruck from meeting one of my idols ( which my cousin laughed and mocked me ALL day about my mumbling bumbling meeting with the HULK) But for me it was priceless!
    Rob Golphy - Posted: May 26, 2007

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