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Visitor Stories - Page 50
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *
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  • Harry Caray - I was in Chicago for a conference at the Palmer House Hilton. At dinner that night (Miller's Pub and Restaurant around the corner), I was busy watching a football game on the overhead TV with a friend. Suddenly I hear a half-belligerent voice asking me, "Are the Bears on?" I looked down to see Harry Caray. To my surprise I shouted "Harry!" and offered my hand which he shook. He and his wife were then seated at a booth. He proceeded to belligerently ask the staff to move to a booth where he could see the game. All the while, his embarassed wife kept saying, "Harry! Stop!" It was a fun surprise to see a classic personality like Harry Caray in rare form. He died less than a month later.
    Mark Mathews - Cottage Grove, WI - Posted: August 5, 2006

  • Robert Ryan - While I was an airman assigned to March AFB, my girl friend invited me to attend a lecture given by Robert Ryan at a local church. His subject was disarmament - he was for it, I was not. I went and listened to what he had to say and then after the crowd has gone, we approached him to meet and shake hands with him and talk a moment and he agreed to my taking a picture. I liked him as an actor, but not his liberal political leaning.
    Dick R. - Posted: August 5, 2006

  • Mickey Rooney - In the early 1970's, I was visiting a friend at St John's Hospital in Santa Monica. Standing alongside me on the elevator, unbeknownst to me, was Mickey Rooney in his Nehru jacket, turtleneck and love beads. One gentleman made the comment, "Even Mickey Rooney comes here." It was then I notice Mr. Rooney and he waddled out of the elevator.
    - Posted: August 5, 2006

  • Tupac Shakur - I was in Vegas to see Tyson fight. The tickets were too much $ so I waited in the MGM Grand, I went out to the street to see him loaded into the ambulance. I didnt realize who it was till the next day when I heard it on the radio.
    glenn - Posted: August 5, 2006

  • Patrick Swayze - In the spring of 1988, my (then) girlfriend read that the cast of "Road House" would be in town at a local high school to play a benefit softball game. They were filming in the foothills above Clovis, Ca. I don't remember who they were be playing, but my girlfriend wanted to go to see Patrick Swayze. So I took my camera and we went. We were able to sit on the third base line. I got some nice pictures of Sam Elliott and he waved and said "Hi." He spent most of the day talking with and signing stuff for the fans. Then about half way through the game, Patrick Swayze arrived with Kelly Lynch. They just kind of walked from the first base line, behind home plate and up the third base line towards us. People were yelling and waving at them but they seemed kind of stand-offish as they came our way. As they got near, I shouted "Hey, Mr. Swayze, how about taking a picture with my girlfriend?". Expecting him to brush me off or, at best say something like "Not today" I was shocked when he stopped, took my girlfriend's hand and told me "Real Fast". For a moment I was caught off guard, but recovered in time to take a nice shot of him and her. I ended up making over a dozen copies of the photo for friends and family. I still have the photo, but not the girlfriend.
    Jeff - Posted: August 5, 2006

  • Harvey Korman - On one of our trips to Las Vegas I noticed Harvey Korman walking around the casino at Harrah's. He seemed to be walking back and forth and kept coming back to where I was sitting. He finally came up to me and asked me if I could direct him to the hotel lobby and I walked with him to the hotel desk, all the while chatting and I told him how much my family and I had enjoyed his performances on "The Carol Burnett Show". He was so nice - and much taller than I had imagined. A very nice person.
    P.J.P. - Posted: August 5, 2006

  • David Ogden Stiers - In the mid to late '70s I happend to be in a JC Penny's in Eugene, Oregon when I spied David Ogden Stiers, AKA Charles Emerson Winchester from MASH fame, looking through some LP's. (Pre-CD's, LP's were made of vinyl and played on a traditional "phonograph") I approached him and said "Uh, sir" and he said "Yes", I said, "I really enjoy your character on the hit TV show MASH, what are you doing in Eugene?" He replied with some difficulty, because he indicated he just came from the dentist, "My parents live here." I shook his hand and thanked him for his accomplishments and contributions to my weekly television enjoyment. And left him to his shopping.
    Dennis Hartman - Posted: August 5, 2006

  • Robert Goulet - The wife of a friend of mine used to work for USAir. A few years ago, Robert Goulet and his wife came up as a random luggage search. Annie was sort of stuck between embarrasment and awe. The Goulet's were very gracious about the search and Annie managed to hum a bit of "If Ever I Would Leave You". Mrs. Goulet said, "See, honey, you do still have fans!"
    James - Posted: August 5, 2006

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