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Visitor Stories - Page 39
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *
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  • Tony Bennett - While walking in mid-Manhattan in the early 1980's, I spotted Tony Bennett coming out of a residence hotel. But before getting into his limo he noticed an ice cream vendor across the street and went over to get an ice cream cone. In the meantime I spoke to the chauffer who told me Tony was on his way to the airport. When Tony returned to the car, with the cone in his hand, I asked him for an autograph. He hesitated, then gave me the cone to hold while he generously signed his name in my little notebook. I thanked him, gave him back the ice cream cone and off he went to the airport.
    Charlie aAnderson - Posted: October 10, 2006

  • J.J. Jackson - J.J. and I grew up in Roxbury, the toughest section of Boston. I went to school with J.J. We attended the PT Campbell Junior High School and then we played football at Boston English High School. Even at an early age JJ had a winning personality and smile. He was a charmer. We lost track of each other for decades. I recognized him on MTV years later but couldn't believe it was really the same JJ. I was stunned when he had a heart attack and died at such an early age. Rest in peace, my friend.
    Tom Connolly - Posted: October 10, 2006

  • Clint Eastwood - My husband was working at the courthouse (in Salinas, CA) when Mr. Eastwood came jogging by. My husband said "Good afternoon, Mr. Eastwood." & watched as Mr. Eastwood proceeeded to stop & jog back. He came up to my husband, smiled & said "Call me Clint." They continued to talk for awhile until Clint jogged off.
    - Posted: October 10, 2006

  • Harvey Korman - In 1957, my parents and I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada from Chicago, Illinois. We were staying in a little duplex off of Santa Paula Drive in Las Vegas. Our first New Year's was spent in that duplex and my parents decided to throw a party. Friends of theirs from Chicago were also living in Las Vegas and were invited. Rose, one of the friends from Chicago, asked if she could bring her cousin and his mother, too. Naturally, my parents told her to bring them. Her cousin was introduced to us as Harvey from New York who was an actor who had a few small broadway roles and did a couple of print ads for Quaker Oats. Harvey, a young man with curly dark hair, and his mother were very nice and congenial. We all had a wonderful time and rang in the New Year of 1958 together. You can imagine my thrill as I later saw Harvey's career take off, first with some parts in a few Disney movies, then the Danny Kaye Show, next Carol Burnett and later, full length motion pictures. Thanks for the memories Harvey Korman. I just wished your mom would have lived to see it.
    Jim B - Posted: September 4, 2006

  • Ethel Merman - When I was 16 I went to see "Gypsy". I had always loved Ethel Merman since seeing her in a movie I saw as a child called "Call Me Madam". When the show ended we went backstage. Everyone else from the cast (none of whom I had ever heard of) brushed right past those of us waiting. Miss Merman was the only one to stop and talk to each of us and sign autographs and thank us for our praise of her performance. That is why she was a real star and I still have never heard of the rest.
    Sabra - Posted: September 4, 2006

  • Sam Jaffe - I was in LA with my aunt and my mother in '65 in a department store in Beverly Hills. My aunt spotted Sam Jaffe and his wife Bettye Ackerman, who co-starred with him in "Ben Casey", and told me to go over to him and ask him where the water fountain was. He smiled wide, and led me to the water fountain, and held the button for me to take a drink. Gunga Din, the water boy, gave me a drink of water! Too bad we didn't take a photo....
    Frank A. - Posted: September 4, 2006

  • Jeremy Boorda - I was aboard the USS Saratoga during a joint exercise with the Army. We had a lot of brass from both the Army and the Navy onboard at the time, including Adm. Boorda. Well, every so often, we would give tours to a bunch of generals and admirals through our work spaces, mostly to one, two and three star generals, though. Well, one of my shipmates commented on that after the last tour of generals. He said, "Well, we have seen one star, two star and three star generals and admirals come through here. All we need now is a four star and we will have a full set. Well, as he said that Adm. Boorda passed by the door and overheard the conversation, because after he heard that he popped his head in and said with a hearty laugh, "Here is your four star". We popped to attention in military fashion. He had us carry on and he talked to us for a good 10-15 min. He asked us all where we were from and left us with some encouraging words before he had to leave for his briefing. He was a very warm and humble person. I was saddened to hear of his tragic death many years later.
    - Posted: September 4, 2006

  • Walter Koenig - In the summer of 1992, I was at an Air Force Officer training course in Montgomery, Alabama for 4 weeks. During that time, my wife was pregnant with our first child and living with her grandmother in St. Louis, so I had to find things to do to occupy my time on the weekends. One weekend, there was a local Star Trek convention, and while a big Trek fan from little on, I had never actually been to a convention. The "draw" for this convention was Mr. Chekov himself, Walter Koenig. After perusing the vendors, I found myself needing some "relief", so I headed for one of the bathrooms in the Ramada or whatever hotel it was in. Now, I don't remember which of us arrived first, but I found myself standing next to Mr Koenig at the urinal. We were the only ones in there, and guys don't strike up conversation with each other in that time/place, so I had to settle for just listening to him whine, rant, and complain about Shatner and Nimoy during his personal appearance. So, that's my "claim to Star Trek fame" ... whizzing next to the locator of the "nuclear wessels"! (and, by the way, we are both named "Walt")
    Walt G. - Posted: September 4, 2006

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